Schutzstaffel SS Culture #547-01

#547-01 SS CULTURE – VOLUME ONE: GERMANIC CRUSADE IN THE EAST. Translated from the very first issue of the SS magazine "Germanische Leithefte" published in 1941 for the non-German Waffen-SS volunteers. Emphasis on Germanic kinship and the war against Russia. Reveals the heart and soul of the Third Reich’s fighting elite. (Note: This is the one and only volume of this set that was actually published a few years ago, although with a different cover - illustrated at the right - , as item #547-A. The new press run has the cover shown at the left.) Softcover. 52pp. $10.00. Add this item to shopping cart.

Here is an excerpt:

"Just as the discovery of the earth’s revolution around the sun led to a revolutionary change of the general view of the world, so will the blood and race teachings of the National Socialist movement produce a transformation of the knowledge and hence of the view of the history of the human past and its future."

– Adolf Hitler

This realization of the fateful significance of the laws of nature of blood and race form the basic idea of the SS. It is an order of Nordic-determined men and their clans.

Helped by the laws it chooses itself, the SS wishes to make a living contribution to the victory of the blood idea in Europe. It wishes to preserve and practice the highest virtues such as loyalty, bravery, comradeship and noble attitude. It is a team in which the following’s Germanic loyalty is unconditionally given to the Führer.

The SS is the protector of the inner security of the Reich and the toughest battle troop against the external enemy. The present struggle is against the anti-life forces of international Jewry, against the world bolshevism allied with him and with the Jew-dependent, greedy, English money rule and freemasonry.

The goal of the present, turbulent conflict is the formation of a natural and hence enduring New Order of Europe. This task of new ordering has been assumed by the Reich founded on the Greater Germanic development in close cooperation with brave allies.

Europe should find the lasting foundation for a splendid future, however, in the active community of fate of the Germanic folks. The SS fights for this noble goal. And so in the Führer’s SS - next to the Reich Germans – ethnic Germans from all parts of the world, especially from Romania and the rest of southeast Europe, are also assembled for battle.

Furthermore, for the first time volunteers from Flanders, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden also find alongside the Reich German SS-men.

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